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Boys’ Town Davao was a dream filled with so much faith that was envisioned in a meeting help at Princess Restaurant Davao City in the early part of 1970. Dr. Lourdes “Unding” Solis was very much concerned about the number of boy’s roaming around the streets of Davao City begging, stealing and being used by professional criminals. They were sleeping at the doorways, along the streets and down at the wharfs. She called for a meeting inviting Mother Assumpta David, RVM, Fr. Miguel Verala, Sj, Mr. Carlos Millete, Dr. Benjamin Cruzada, Mr. Sebastian Angliongto, Dr. Lourdes Aportadera, Ms. Esperanza Santos, and Ms. Soledad Duterte and other concerned friend.

The group went into action immediately, Mr. Marioano Solis, who was then the Chief of Police and the husband of Dr. Unding Solis, provided temporary quarters for the boys at the Traffic Division of the Police Department.

On October 17, 1970, a group of prominent business persons were approached for support. They help provide the basic needs of the boys from food, clothing and shelter. Col. Honorio Garcia donated two hectares of land at Maa, Davao City and Mr. Carlos Millete sought the services of the occupants of the penal colony to clear the donbated area for construction. The first building was constructed through the efforts of the Knights of Columbus headed by Judge Vicente Cusi.

On February 23, 1972, Jose F. Ocampo was elected as the new President of the Welfare Action Foundation – Boys’ Town. This time the city government was approached to help subsidized the expenses of Boys’ Town. A skills training project for the out-of-school youth was made possible in coordination with NMYC.

On February 23, 1977, Dr. Unding Solis died. Boys’ Town lost a good, kind, understanding, concerned friend, and its driving force.

Mrs. Soledad Duterte was chosen to assume the Directorship of Boys’ Town. She immediately embarked on skills training in slipper and sandal making, which did not, gave bigger boys some income but also prepared them for future “hanap buhay”. Other projects such as piggery, poultry, rabbit, goat and duck rising were introduced. The cultivation rice and vegetables was intensified.

Fr. Demetrio Barcelon, Sj, was elected as President of Boys’ Town on October 19, 1980. More livelihood projects were introduced to answer the needs of the clients of Boys; Town. However, the slipper and sandal making was relocated because some of the boys started to sniff the rugby used in the production.

With the help of Fr. James Ferry, a Maryknoll priest, the buildings of Boys’ Town were renovated with new ceiling and windows with bars for security. On October 20, 1990 =, Mrs. Soling Duterte, with the support of the Board of Trustees looked forward to make Boys’ Town a skills training institution. She wanted to make the boys self-reliant and extended an outreach=program to the peopling in the surrounding area of Boys’ Town.

Eng’r. Ruben Santos became the President of Boy’s Town after Mrs. Soling Duterte, with the support of the Board of Trustees Boys’ Town was kept alive in spite of many financial constraint. Boys’ Town was accredited and acknowledge by DSWD. A building was improved through the assistance of the Mobil Oil Phils.

In November 1999, Fr. Patrick Buzon, SDB, the Provincial Superior of the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) of the South Province, agreed with the Welfare Action Foundation of Davao, Inc. for the management of Boys’ Town. With the consent of the Salesian Provincial, Fr. Franco Uras, SDB was mandated by the Board of Trustees to develop a 5-year plan for the Boys’ Town and the same time gave the institution a clearer vision. Eventually, the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Board of Trustees of Boys’ Town framed a memorandum of agreement that was signed by both parties on June 28, 2000.

In 2000, Atty. Pablo Lorenzo, Jr. was elected as President of the Board and Fr. Franco Uras, SDB was officially designated as the Executive Director of Boys’ Town. Fr. Franco introduced and continued various livelihood projects like pizzeria, bakery, poultry and rabbit rising. Renovations of Boys’ Town facilities were made with the assistance of the City Government through Mayor Benjamin De Guzman of Caltex Philippines also supported the renovation of the kitchen and dinning hall.

On May 20, 2004, Rev. Fr. Julius Sanchez, SDB, the Provincial Superior opened the new Salesian Community in Davao City with 4 Salesians, Fr. Jose Generoso Taqueban (In-charge), Fr. Franco Uras, Fr. Anastacio Oroc and Bro. Neol Hormillosa as the Executive Director of Boys’ Town and Fr. Reechee Espiritu, a newly ordained priest as the Spiritual Director.

On November 20, 2005, Boys’ Town Davao had its 35th Annual General Membership Meeting. The general assembly was preceded by Eucharistic Celebration with Rev. Fr. Ronel Vilbar, SDB the Vice Provincial of the Salesians of the Philippines South Province, as the main celebrant and Fr. Gene Taqueban, SDB who also concelebrated.