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Don Bosco Boys’ Home was formerly the Cebu Juvenile Home Inc. This was constructed in 1972 to answer the needs of young detainees as a result of the curfew implementation during the Martial Law era. The Philippines Constabulary (PC) stockade at Gorordo Avenue became very congested wherein the young and old people were mixed together which gave the problem of sleeping spaces and hygiene. The environment was not healthy and the young boys were exposed to the bad habits of the older detainees. To solve this, Lt. Col. Eddie Foronda, the PC Provincial Commander called on some civic-minded citizens for assistance. This marked the birth of the Cebu Juvenile Homes, Inc.

The former dedication of Cebu Juvenile Home took place in February 1973. Three years later, March 17, 1976, it acquired its judicial status as a corporation. The institution was administered by a congregation of Sisters called the Hijas de Jesus while its security was provided by the PC. The Hijas de Jesus managed the institution for almost ten years trying to keep these boys busy washing bottles and sending the brighter ones to school. However, after running the institution for almost a decade, they found it hard to maintain it, due to lack of personnel and funds. Thus, it was handed back to the PC, who in turn is looking for a group to manage the center.

Doña Maria Aboitiz, a Spanish lady and a great philanthropist came to the rescue. This woman has been instrumental in brining the Salesian Fathers and Brothers of Don Bosco and started Boys’ Town in 1954 in Punta Princesa, Cebu City. Thus, she turned once again to the Salesians who appalled by the way the institution had been managed. The boys in the center did not have a decent place to sleep, no plates for their food. They were smoking, gambling, drinking and doing whatever they liked.

In December 8, 1982, the center was offered as an outreach program of Don Bosco Technology Center (then known as Don Bosco Technical High School) Fr. Peter Zago, Fr. Leonard Mcmanus and Cleric Doey Alfeche would go during the day to take the boys to the Cebu Juvenile Home at Banilad, Cebu City. In 1986, Cebu Juvenile Home, Inc. became officially known as Don Bosco Boys’ Home Inc. Fr. Leonard Mcmanus became the first Salesian in-charge. He started to stay with the boys of Don Bosco Boys’ Home the whole time together with some lay volunteers. He was later on followed by Fr. Peter Zago.

In January 18, 1989, a canonical erection issued from the Don Bosco General House in Rome made Don Bosco Boys’ Home a regular Salesian House. In May 1989, a rector and other full-time personnel together with the domestic helpers completed the staff of the house. The first Rector was Fr. Marcelino Benabaye followed by Fr. Francis De Meuleneare in 1995. The third rector was Fr. Ronald Guiao in 1997.

In the year 1998 due to certain circumstances in its lot ownership, another story is born. “Don Bosco Boys’ Home” needed to relocate to Cotcot, Liloan, Cebu. Fr. Ronald Guiao had to start again from scratch. But later on, more and more developments were made and Don Bosco Boys’ Home was able to recover. They open the training center in the year 2000/ Fr. Adriano Satura beacame the fourth Rector in 2001. Fr. Lamberto Paradiang, Jr. in the year 2005 up to the present.